Bedding for Every Age

Aug 26

Each year families are busily packing and preparing for that big moment when the kids go off to college. For many, this once-in-a-lifetime experience can involve traveling far from home, maybe for the first time ever; therefore, taking some of the amenities of home can certainly prove reassuring for these new college students. A comfortable night is the key to a successful day in the classroom, so dorm bedding is an important element to consider. Cozy and attractive dorm bedding is as critical to a college freshman as crib bedding is to a newborn, and for largely the same reasons. Good quality bedding for dorm rooms and the crib in the nursery have much in common. Both are made of top-quality materials, are easy to care for, and are available in many styles, patterns and colors. The sets usually consist of many of the same elements: fitted bottom sheet in a variety of sizes, top sheet, and cozy blanket or comforter. A complete dorm bedding set also includes one or more matching or coordinating pillowcases. While the proud parents of the newborn usually choose the perfect crib-sized bedding, college students generally select their own colors and styles. It is easy to see that comfortable, practical bedding knows no age boundaries. Everyone, regardless of age, can appreciate a nice place to spend the night, one that looks as good as it feels. Manufacturers have provided many different options, from the crib to the dorm room to the master bedroom at home, to satisfy the individual needs and tastes of most...

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5 Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

Jul 20

It’s a competitive market out there for sellers. What does it take to you make your house stand out in a crowded market? Read on to discover just a few of the things! Location, Location, Location This is an old real estate maxim, but one which rings true – it’s how it became a maxim in the first place. Don’t just sell your home; sell where it is. Is it close to a good school? Is the traffic quiet, and away from noisy rail lines and flightpaths? Is it close to the beach? Away from industrial land? You’re not just selling a house; you’re selling a chance to live somewhere, so talk up the benefits of where exactly that is. Grooming Standards Yes, this may seem superficial, but it helps to catch the eye of buyers, and shows that the current owners – you – really care about the house. When selling, keep your garden and exterior in tip-top condition, even when you’re not leaving it open for inspection. As long as you have that ‘FOR SALE’ sign out the front of your property, it’s on show 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And for inspections, make sure your interior is well-kept, too – this goes even for the items not being sold with the house, like furniture and appliances. These are things a buyers’ agent, like Templeton Property in Brisbane, look for when it comes to picking out the best possible house for their client (you can learn more here). Fix it up! Sure, some people look for a good fixer-upper, but most buyers would rather take a house that doesn’t require any further work. New paint will make your house stand out on a street (especially if you choose a shade that’s a bit different to your neighbours’ houses). Patch holes in walls, fix that squeaky door, and replace those broken tiles in the laundry. A house being sold should be sold at its very best if you want the very best price. Advertising Get your house out there! Nothing will sell if the buyers don’t know it’s for sale, and so it pays to spread your net as far as possible. Often this will be...

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Steps in Building an Eco-friendly Home

Jan 27

Not only construction materials are increasingly higher the past years – steel have doubled in prices, good timber are more harder to source out – hence, home builders are gearing towards sustainable materials in constructing homes and buildings. People as a whole are becoming aware of depleting natural resources. Thus, more home owners are finding ways how their homes become eco-friendly. For starters, here’s how to make your homes eco-friendly. Consider Recycled Materials The purpose of recycling is not only for keeping the construction cost down. Using recyclable materials is one of the major approaches to reducing demand on Earth’s resources. Recycled steel, stones and bricks, and woods can be sourced out in shops around your area. Using Renewable Construction Materials One next move in making an eco-friendly home is by considering renewable materials. Using bamboo has become popular in home construction because bamboo is not only cost-effective but it is highly environmentally friendly. Source Construction Materials and Manpower Locally Locally sourcing out materials needed for home building help reduce construction costs. This also applies to manpower needed, local searches reduces the need for fuel which help bring labor cost to a minimum. Solar-powered Homes Going solar tops the biggest approach in creating an eco-friendly home. Imagine the reduced carbon footprint of your homes when you go solar. Solar panels maybe costly but the long-running effect will surely be a great advantage specifically on energy costs. These are only few of the many ways future home owners can consider in building an environment-friendly homes. Surely, there are more ways that one can find to reduce the dependability on Earth’s resources. Keep researching on ways how to save energy so that home owners can have a truly energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly...

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Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Jan 22

If your bedroom is on the small side and it’s starting to feel like you’re living in a closet, read on for some great storage ideas to help you better organise your room, reclaim space and restore order. Wardrobe Organisers If you have a built-in wardrobe, chances are you have a large space with one hanging rod and a high shelf directly above that. If you have a free-standing wardrobe instead, you probably have a very similar configuration. Regardless of which one you have, both are useful but incredibly basic and they don’t utilise space very efficiently. For example, most of us have a range of different length clothes. Why have just one hanging rod up high which wastes space below when you’re only hanging short items like shirts? Fortunately, help is at hand. You can buy specifically designed wardrobe inserts that allow you to install extra hanging rods, pull out drawers and shoe racks. These modular systems allow you to tailor your storage to suit your needs and are flexible enough to allow you to change the layout of your wardrobe if you need it. The only downside to these systems is the cost and the need to install them. If you’re a tenant or you don’t have the cash and access to the necessary tools, you can opt for cheaper solutions such as plastic storage boxes and cabinets. There are also heaps of other clever products, such as hanging organisers for jewellery, shoes, and other smaller clothing items. Drawers, Drawers, and More Drawers Drawers are a very efficient way of organising things. While most of us have a large chest of drawers in our bedrooms, take a look into smaller plastic cabinets that you can stack on top of each other. You can use these in your wardrobe or as standalone storage outside cupboards. You can create a customised series of different sizes depending on your needs, ensuring there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place. This is the easiest and most effective way to keep your bedroom clutter-free and feeling more spacious. Go Vertical Wall space is a highly under-utilised storage area. Consider installing wall shelves above your bed to give you extra storage...

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Food for Thought: Affordable Home Security Options

Jan 19

Home security: it’s something we all think about, but many of us never get around to doing anything about it. You wonder if your home , your kids and your belongings are safe. With that said, you don’t want to be holed up like a fortified medieval castle either. Home security needs to fit in with your lifestyle, the style of your home and, of course, your budget. So where do you start when it comes to home security? Check out these ideas for a range of affordable security options for your home. Ensure the Integrity of Windows and Doors Without a doubt, the integrity of your windows and doors are paramount to your home security. Have a rattle of your doors. Could a potential thief barge through it without too much hassle? How about your flyscreens? Sure, they can keep flies out, but what about a criminal that sees your phone on the bench? Would they find your flyscreen an invitation to break and enter? And then there are the windows themselves. Can they open at a nudge? Do you think they would keep a determined intruder out? If you can’t honestly say your windows and doors are secure, it’s high time you investigated new options for your home. You want doors that are secure, windows that will be a disincentive for criminals, and flyscreens that will deter human invaders as well as bugs. There’s no time like the present to get in touch with an expert, such as Stylewise Security, for a chat about how you can secure your home today. Fencing Your fence and gate is the first perimeter of your home. Many argue that a fence, especially a front gate, is one of the best deterrents to crime. A fence keeps unwanted visitors out and the ones you love safe. Has your fence rotted? Is your gate swinging in the breeze? You may as well put an ‘open for business’ sign on your front door. Perfect for Dog Lovers The humble family dog can be a fantastic deterrent to crime. The bark of a determined dog can really make a would-be criminal think twice about checking out your place. This is, of course, just another reason...

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The Steps You Must Take When Turfing Your Yard

Jan 14

If you’re taking the step to turf (or returf) your yard , there are some things you need to do before installing those gorgeous rolls of lush new grass to ensure the best possible outcome. Below is an outline of the steps you’ll need to follow. Preparation Before laying new turf, it’s important to ensure that the area has been suitably prepared. Begin by ensuring that all weeds have been removed; this can be done by spraying a quality pesticide or by removing all weeds by hand. Ensure that the old grass has also been removed from the area. If necessary, excavate the area and/or remove any debris such as rubble and large stones. You may need to bring in some quality top soil to dress the area that you’ll be turfing. Most turf suppliers can provide you with advice on the best top soil to use. Ensure that the area has been levelled and graded; moist soil is easier to grade than dry or wet soil. If soil appears dry, give it a good watering several days before you intend to level/grade it. Be aware of drainage requirements when you’re completing this penultimate stage before laying the turf. The final preparation stage is throwing down some quality lawn fertiliser and water retaining crystals. This will give your new lawn a great start. If at some point during the preparation you realise that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew by attempting to do this yourself, don’t panic. A turfing expert like Hancey’s Turf are more than able to step in at any stage of a turfing and turn things around and rectify any mistakes made. Laying the Turf Ensure that you’re able to lay the turf as soon as it is delivered; the longer it is left out in the sun, the harder the job will be. Watering the rolls of turf will not help. When you install the turf, imagine the pattern produced by brick laying; try to aim for a similar pattern with your turf rolls and ensure that each adjoining area is pushed up well against its neighbour. A tight join will ensure that the individual sections have a better opportunity to knit together. Once...

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Benefits of Sliding Doors for Homes

Jan 05

I always think that a sliding door will be a great addition when we started planning the design of this room. Here’s the benefits of using sliding doors from Lyndhurst Lumber in homes. Make the room larger With the ceiling constructed a little higher, the huge sliding doors added an illusion of a more larger space/room. Aesthetic appeal Whether sliding doors are made from steel, aluminum or wood frames, they instantly add character into any room. Natural light/ventilation Huge doors and high ceilings makes the air move freely. Huge doors invite natural light to come in. During colder and dry season (brought about by Northeast Monsoon), when sun is always brighter and winds are dry yet cold, I try to hang in sheer curtains. We like to invite natural light and fresh air. During summer or thunderstorm season, I like to put in curtains that are thicker. Thick curtains repel the summer heat which could give less time for the airconditioning unit to cool the room. Connect Indoor and Outdoor What I really like about sliding doors are its ability to connect two different rooms and makes the entire space even more beautiful. This family rooms leads to a small patio. Thereby, during summer months, we keep this open allowing us to access both areas easily. Welcoming the View Sliding doors are huge they look like big TV screens. Only the view we get to see is real especially if you have a wonderful view to showcase like your backyard garden or a swimming pool or natural view of your environment. Functional and Manageable It may lead us to think that due to its huge size, it may be harder to clean especially it’s made from glass. I must say, I seldom clean our sliding door. Once in a while I run wet cloth to it and wipe dry using old newspapers/papers. It really is manageable as it is functional. It’s benefits really outweigh its cost. With minimal maintenance, I must say, installing sliding doors into your homes gives homeowner maximum benefits – light and ventilation, aesthetic value which can also increase the value of your property, and give your home a whole new...

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