5 Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

Jul 20

It’s a competitive market out there for sellers. What does it take to you make your house stand out in a crowded market? Read on to discover just a few of the things! Location, Location, Location This is an old real estate maxim, but one which rings true – it’s how it became a maxim in the first place. Don’t just sell your home; sell where it is. Is it close to a...

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Steps in Building an Eco-friendly Home

Jan 27

Not only construction materials are increasingly higher the past years – steel have doubled in prices, good timber are more harder to source out – hence, home builders are gearing towards sustainable materials in constructing homes and buildings. People as a whole are becoming aware of depleting natural resources. Thus, more home owners are finding ways...

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Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

Jan 22

If your bedroom is on the small side and it’s starting to feel like you’re living in a closet, read on for some great storage ideas to help you better organise your room, reclaim space and restore order. Wardrobe Organisers If you have a built-in wardrobe, chances are you have a large space with one hanging rod and a high shelf directly above that. If you have a...

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Food for Thought: Affordable Home Security Options

Jan 19

Home security: it’s something we all think about, but many of us never get around to doing anything about it. You wonder if your home , your kids and your belongings are safe. With that said, you don’t want to be holed up like a fortified medieval castle either. Home security needs to fit in with your lifestyle, the style of your home and, of course, your budget. So...

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The Steps You Must Take When Turfing Your Yard

Jan 14

If you’re taking the step to turf (or returf) your yard , there are some things you need to do before installing those gorgeous rolls of lush new grass to ensure the best possible outcome. Below is an outline of the steps you’ll need to follow. Preparation Before laying new turf, it’s important to ensure that the area has been suitably prepared. Begin by ensuring...

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Benefits of Sliding Doors for Homes

Jan 05

I always think that a sliding door will be a great addition when we started planning the design of this room. Here’s the benefits of using sliding doors from Lyndhurst Lumber in homes. Make the room larger With the ceiling constructed a little higher, the huge sliding doors added an illusion of a more larger space/room. Aesthetic appeal Whether sliding doors...

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Design Files: The ABC Of Feng Shui

Dec 23

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui is designed to bring harmony and balance into your home and retain positive energy or Chi. While feng shui is thousands of years old and complex in its entirety, there are some simple principles that can be applied to your home to bring feng shui into your life. In its simplicity, feng shui is about feeling comfortable in your...

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