Five Steps for Increasing the Value of Your Property

Oct 21

As a homeowner, it makes a great deal of sense that you should want to maximise thevalue of your property. While you have little control of the real estate market, you can certainly influence how potential buyers feel about your property. Renovations are typically one of the very best ways to increase the value of your home. Although home renovations do come at a...

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Scented Candles are on Sale

Oct 20

Was caught by surprise by the red tag – 50% off. Only, it was for selected items only. Whatthe! Why shops would display such fake ads? It’s annoying. And, it expose risk for us buyers. Why? All along you thought the items on that display rack were at 50% discount. Only to find out there not. I always hated when regular priced items are included in the...

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Simple Home Renovation Tips

Oct 19

It’s really a big mess when your house is renovated. Lucky are those who have extra money to pay for hotels while their house is under renovation. For us, who have to make do staying – it’s a real mess. Imagine having to take out all of the stuff away from the repaired area. This is my kitchen area when it was renovated last year. The fridge were...

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Trendy Light Features to think about for your Home

Oct 18

Flicking on a light can dramatically alter the appearance of a room, transporting you frommysterious to elegant, romantic, sterile, or a host of other moods. What does your currently lighting do for your home? Does it convey the atmosphere you want? Does it scream fashionable? If you’re thinking it may be time to make a few changes, read on to discover four of the...

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Key Factors in Designing A Small Living Room

Oct 17

I don’t know much about color combination. Hence, when we decided it’s time for home repainting, we go for the safe side – Earth colors. White, cream,brown, mocha, grey – those were the preferred shades. I like brighter colors like yellows and oranges. However, our house is small, it can not tolerate too bright a color especially on walls....

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Old vs. New: Which Property is Better to Invest in?

Oct 16

One of the first decisions you have to make when looking at investing in property isto go old or new. Both approaches have their own advantages and benefits but, overall, investing in a new property is generally the wiser decision for real estate investors. Below are some of the ways in which new trumps old in this regard. Quality of Design and Construction Just by...

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How To Choose Lamps

Oct 12

So cheap these table lamps. Costing only $25-$35 each. I was nearly tempted to buy one. I knew I needed one. What prompted me not to buy yet are two reasons? They’re not on sale. They’re cheap, as i said. But, knowing holidays are coming through, I bet sure, the shop I visited will be having a holiday soon Will wait. Last reason was, I don’t to go...

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