5 Renovating Tips for First-timers

Nov 18

You’ve bought your first property and it’s exciting. It needs renovating. Double excitement! But where do you start? A trusted removal company like Your Local Movers can put your gorgeous furniture in your new house, but if the room looks tired and shabby, then there’s no way your French sideboard or vintage style buffet is going to look good. Grab that sander and...

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Key Points Before Buying Basic Home Tools

Nov 10

Isn’t it frustrating when one afternoon, you’re trying to hang framed pictures of your kids and suddenly, you can’t find the hammer. Then you find out, it’s been borrowed by your cousin – SPELL: lost forever, time to buy a new one. Building up on just the basic home tool kit is essential for every homes. If you have everything –...

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One-stop Home Shopping at Clarkfield Pampanga

Oct 28

A haven for mommy shoppers. At Puregold Duty Free in Clarkfield Pampanga, homeowners can go wild shopping! Perhaps, what you probably need for your every room in your house, you’ll find it here. Plus a lot more. I like coming here a lot. There are a lot to find for your home needs – beddings, curtains, towels, toiletries, kitchen small items, tools for...

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What Water Feature Should You Construct at Home

Oct 22

Two years back, we were invited to a friend’s birthday party. They have a big and newly built house with the little forest as a backdrop. What amazes me more is the beautifully-crafted garden with a zen-style design. It was not the first time we visited their place. The host has said that the newest addition was the zen fountain, with huge boulders ordered...

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Five Steps for Increasing the Value of Your Property

Oct 21

As a homeowner, it makes a great deal of sense that you should want to maximise thevalue of your property. While you have little control of the real estate market, you can certainly influence how potential buyers feel about your property. Renovations are typically one of the very best ways to increase the value of your home. Although home renovations do come at a...

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Scented Candles are on Sale

Oct 20

Was caught by surprise by the red tag – 50% off. Only, it was for selected items only. Whatthe! Why shops would display such fake ads? It’s annoying. And, it expose risk for us buyers. Why? All along you thought the items on that display rack were at 50% discount. Only to find out there not. I always hated when regular priced items are included in the...

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Simple Home Renovation Tips

Oct 19

It’s really a big mess when your house is renovated. Lucky are those who have extra money to pay for hotels while their house is under renovation. For us, who have to make do staying – it’s a real mess. Imagine having to take out all of the stuff away from the repaired area. This is my kitchen area when it was renovated last year. The fridge were...

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