Storage Ideas to Keep Your Tools Organised

Jul 24

A disorganised storage space is a sure fire way to make sure you can never findanything, and pretty much guarantees that at some point you’re going to buy stuff you already have. Here are some storage ideas to keep your tools organised so you don’t end up with ten electric power drills, no matter how great that might seem to you right now. Use your...

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Stunning Bay Window Designs

Jul 22

Who would underestimate the significance of a bay window in a house? This bay window bringsthe ocean view closer to home. No need for heavy or elaborate window treatment. Besides, who would want to hide such an interesting view? Bay window design such as this one brings out an Au naturel element which could add a thousand character to any beach house. What about a...

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The Benefits of Insulation in the Home

Jul 21

Every home should have insulation in its walls. While it may seem silly that something inside your walls can be so important, there are actually many benefits to having insulation in your home. Consider getting insulation from Rocky Mountain Insulation Corporation or any other reputable insulation company, if you do not have it already, for the following reasons....

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Consider Life Without Air Conditioning

Jul 18

Have you ever been watching an old western movie or TV show and wondered what it would be like to live back inthat time period? If you really want a small taste of that, try going to a very dusty place in the middle of nowhere in July. You see, there was no air conditioning in Marietta at that time. If you want to consider living back in the time of old western...

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5 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Home Renovations

Jul 17

Even the most minor jobs of putting up a DIY shelf can be fraught with stress, so imagine the brain-popping, heart-stopping potentialstresses that await the unsuspecting home renovator on larger projects. Besides getting a professional like Additions Building to take the load off, here are five tips for reducing your own stress during your home renovations. Go on...

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Turn Your Air Conditioning Down or Off During Vacations

Jul 15

Air conditioners are what we use to keep our homes cool during the summer, but summertime is oftenvacation time. As nice as your brand-new unit from is, it won’t do you any good when you’re away from home. Instead, it will waste a whole lot of electricity in order to cool a house that isn’t even occupied. Vacations can be expensive,...

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Let There Be Light! How To Let More Light Into Your Home

Jul 10

The quality of light in your home can have a bearing on the quality of life inyour home. Dark, dingy spaces can be depressing whereas a light, bright and airy room to wake up to will lift your senses and make you feel energized. Bringing more light into your home does not necessarily mean spending large sums on wall-to-ceiling bi-fold doors or a complicated lighting...

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