Zero Dollar Home Decoration

Sep 08

Remember the electric wire insulators hubs brought home from work that I posted here?

Since they are made of ceramics which were very heat resistant, I always tried to place candles in them. Perfect when brow-outs do strike specially during stormy days.

That’s not all, it can also prep up a blank table and create a zero dollar decorative accent in homes.

Here’s one.

 I placed a pink colored candle in one insulator…(another thrifty treasure)

 …then added pinky flowers around the candle for a more dainty look :)

This brown piece is another ceramic-design insulator which I happen to place a bunch of “Chinese incense” (?). Around 40 pesos per bunch.

 And, here, in the front porch coffee table, I placed painted DIY dried wild flowers in another insulator. Those two odd similar brown pieces were also another design.

 To break the monotony of dark colors, I added a petite orange-y candle and assorted marbles on an unused ash tray. Finished off the thrifty decoration which sits in a “bilao” that used to be a take-out plate when ordering “pancit malabon”.

Zero-dollar designs :)


  1. wow! ang galing mo naman te…bravo…I like it! yon palang gamit ko was packaging tape…medyo mahal kasi yung roll nang duct tape…lol…I like the design though….can’t afford kasi to get a crown molding…kaya tape lang muna…wahehhehe!

  2. Great one! I love the pink candle! :)

    Visiting for PF. My Pinks:
    Oh… that Pink Limo
    Lotsa Pink Stuff

    Hope to see you and have a great weekend!

  3. yup, i remember those wire insulators…you’re so creative, ang galing. beautifully done. visiting late from Thursday Brownies, hope you can visit me back! thanks and have a great week. :)

  4. very creative, thank you for sharing, visiting from PF, hope you can visit me back

  5. back here from PF, doing my late visit…its really nice to see your works! inspiring…:) happy Wednesday!


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