What To Do With Pests Invading The Garden

Aug 07

After two days of non-stop rain, thank heavens, the petals of these roses are still fresh and alive. it continuous to beautify my small garden.

Pink Rose

Seeing them, bathe in the glowing sun or drench in rain, I envied their courage.

White Rose

These lovely roses kept my day going. Even on a very hot afternoon or a gloomy and rainy daybreak. I’d sit by the open porch, watch over them while reading paperback or fiddling with my laptop and wait until the ESET anti virus┬áhad finished running.
White Rose 1
However, these blooms seems to have a new enemy. Enemies. Must be very small garden pests are finding my roses too beautiful to resist. They are invading the leaves.

I am not so keen on spraying chemical pesticides as it is harmful to the environment and to my family especially the kids who are constantly playing in the garden. Chemical pesticides are said to advance cellular activity that may lead to cancer.

Thus, I am thinking on using organic pesticides. Any suggestion what’s best you’d tried so far?

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