Turn Your Air Conditioning Down or Off During Vacations

Jul 15

Air conditioners are what we use to keep our homes cool during the summer, but summertime is oftenvacation time. As nice as your brand-new unit from www.AirConditioningAustinTX.com is, it won’t do you any good when you’re away from home. Instead, it will waste a whole lot of electricity in order to cool a house that isn’t even occupied. Vacations can be expensive, so the least you can do is save whatever money you can by not wasting electricity at home. To save energy on air conditioning while you’re on vacation, you can either turn your AC system off, or simply turn down the thermostat.

Turning It Off

By turning off and unplugging your air conditioner, you are preventing it from using any energy whatsoever. Your house might get uncomfortably warm, but you won’t mind because you’ll be elsewhere. As long as your home is newer and well-insulated, it should only get to mid or upper 80s, so you won’t have to worry about damage to furniture or appliances. When you return from your trip it will only take a few minutes of your AC running at full blast to get your home cool again.

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Raising the Thermostat

You can also raise the thermostat to a higher temperature while you’re gone. This is the preferred method if you aren’t so confident in your home’s insulation because the air conditioner will only run if the temperature gets dangerously high. This is also a better method for those living in apartments or condos, where heat from one unit could transfer to neighboring units and cause frustration.

How To

Either of these methods are easy since you probably already know how to operate your thermostat. If you don’t know how to work your thermostat, read the manual, and if you can’t find the manual then look online. Turning up the thermostat usually only takes a few presses of the up arrow. If you’re still stuck, you can visit a site like www.AirConditioningAustinTX.com and you can be provided with expert troubleshooting. So when you’re planning your next vacation, be sure that you plan to turn off or turn down your air conditioner to save some energy.

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