The Top 3 Most Common DIY Mistakes

May 07

For some people, DIY comes naturally. They are a dab hand with a hammer, they can tell which drill bit to use at a glance and they have no trouble knowing what finish you need on your paintwork. However, not all of us are quite so blessed. Maybe you avoid the perils of a stepladder or you let issues around the house linger on for years while you put them off. However, if you know the mistakes to look out for in the first place, you shouldn’t need to worry about putting them right further down the line, ultimately meaning less time spent on DIY tasks for you.

Putting up a shelf

Putting up shelving is supposed to be one of the most straightforward DIY tasks out there. However, a lot of people skip a vital step: checking their spirit level. If the shelf doesn’t sit straight, it won’t function properly. If there is lots more weight distributed onto one bracket, the shelf could collapse. It only takes a couple of seconds, so make sure you use a spirit level to check that your shelf is perfectly horizontal, and only use sturdy brackets to avoid watching helplessly as your book collection is tipped onto the floor.

Tiling troubles

Lots of people like to get beautiful bespoke tiling applied in their bathrooms and kitchens. This might look great, but it’s not always practical. At some point, you might find that something in your bathroom springs a leak or one of the pipes needs to be looked at. If it’s hidden behind a fully tiled wall, it’ll be very hard for the plumber to access. It’s best to create a ‘secret panel’ which can be removed for easy access to the pipework. The same tile pattern can be applied to this so that it matches the rest of the wall without disturbing the plumber’s task.

Scrimping on supplies

While you might not be a DIY demon, it’s better to invest in the proper equipment from the start. This way, you don’t end up picking bristles out of your newly painted walls, and don’t feel tempted to cut corners to save money. A roll of masking tape costs barely anything, and will make a huge difference to your paintwork. Don’t trust your hand to be steady enough to paint crisp, straight lines when a strip of masking tape can do the job perfectly.

By taking just a couple of extra minutes to plan ahead, you can avoid lots of costly repair work and maintenance further down the line by getting your DIY project right the first time.

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