Say No To Cheap Christmas Lights

Dec 04

Never will I ever buy some cheap Christmas lights. Ever!

For two years now, I haven’t had lights installed in the front garden. Because the Christmas lights were already “extinguished”. I haven’t bought new ones except the ones I placed in the small Christmas tree.

The reasons were for safety and more on the economical aspect. Lights, especially incandescent and blinking lights at that, eats out more electricity. As per safety, there were times we have forgotten to unplug the outdoor lights and although the breaker hadn’t tripped off, we found few burnt lights in the morning. That was scary.

But this year, due to constant badgering of the little kid, I get out to buy few pieces in order for our garden to bathe in total shine :)

Got me 4 pieces only (for 100 lights a piece) for 55 pesos a piece. It’s a brand suggested by a friend who bought the same and swear by its quality.

Call me Miss Unlucky, but 2 of the 4 I bought burnt out as soon as I plug them in.


Money lost for some cheap buy!

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