Lighting As Design

Jan 12

Lighting within design is extremely important. Lighting can be used emphasise or de-emphasise certain fixtures within a room, either bathing them in light or covering in a slight shadow. Lighting is concerned with enhancing what you already have, it isn’t concerned with being a centre piece but rather is the supporting act to accentuate what is already there. There are various retailers of lights and lamps, but in my opinion none as impressive and reliable as Geoffrey Harris.

The most important aspect of lighting is the experience. Creating a balanced setting, with a correct ambience for the situation is most important to the experience. How often have you been sat in a room and just felt out of kilter because of the lighting? An interior designer seeks to place lighting in such a way that it doesn’t become intrusive, but rather adds pleasure to the experience of the room. For example, a floor light next to a comfy arm chair can be perfect for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The model of the light itself is important. For when it isn’t switched on, the design affects the aesthetic of a room. Certain stylish design can add class and sophistication to a room with a contemporary feel. For example, the European designers Artemide have a wide range of lamps available. As do Anglepoise. The conception of Anglepoise was created by the former car manufacturer George Carwardine in 1932. Not only does the lamp offer a suave, sophisticated design, but it is highly functional. The moveable stem makes it perfect for a reading lamp.

Geoffrey Harris is an independent lighting company based in the South of London. They offer great customer service, really showing they care about how lighting affects our lives. To check out their webstore go to

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