Kitchen Window Treatment

Mar 07

While the husband is busy reading about lateral spring plungers, I get myself busy prepping our small kitchen window. The husband (always my critic^_^) disapproves my idea of placing curtain on that kitchen window. Saying, curtain will somehow make the area darker and feel smaller. I should let the natural light comes in, he says. It’ll make the room larger and airy, too.

Okay. You got a point there. I said. But, as always is the stubborn wife, I came home one day with a small curtain and surprised him when he came home one night and saw the window treatment.

What did he say? Just a half smile^_^.

99 pesos? Flimsy fabric?

I choose a sheer fabric because I want fresh air to come through the small window. And, I picked the safest color and design -white with touches of gold stripes to match the hardware and the tile borders- too bold a design will be too heavy on the eyes. Then, I found two unused curtain holders and used both to gather the ends and hang right into the curtain rods. This way, the fabric would not totally block the air, the light and the view coming from the outside.

So there it is. Small window treatment for my small kitchen.

How I wished my kitchen counter stays clean and clutter free forever. Kids’ vacation are coming. The place will be busier more than ever…

(#Wishlist2013: Kitchen Island! Come to me this 2013. Pretty please. )


  1. You seem to know so much about home decor, etc… I envy you. I leave mine to other people.

    I also prefer sheer curtains at home. More light coming in. :)

  2. I love your kitchen, so tidy and so gorgeous.. dito sa amin ang kitchen ko laging may nakiwan na mga pinag platuhan :)

  3. Your kitchen is very neat and organized ate..

  4. I love your kitchen sis.. so organized..

  5. I so agree with sis rose, teImz…you have a pretty neat kitchen…:) I love the color.

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