How Curtains Contribute To Green Living

Jun 28

Over the years, curtains have become multi-functional. Curtains are a perfect piece of accent that can dramatically change the overall look of any room in the house. It adds life and color to any home furnishing. Moreover, curtains are fabrics used to keep privacy in check. Whether blocking from outside view or within rooms, curtains are useful in this manner.

Other than those basic usefulness of curtains, there are more significant reasons why curtains are being use today. In this era of green living, curtains are big contributors to cut cost on every home’s energy consumption.

Here’s why and how.

Curtains control the amount of light passing through windows

Take advantage of the free light during the summer months. Big windows are at a great advantage on this. Light coming from the sun means we do not have to turn on electric lights cutting off few dollars on our electric bill. And, to control the amount of light coming in through the windows, sheers curtains provide simple yet elegant look on windows. And, if too much light’s becoming too much to handle, use thicker fabrics to conceal the light to darken the room. Options are wide with curtains. It beautifies any room yet can be a tool to provide savings.

Curtains control heat inside the house

During the summer months, let the windows open to provide fresh air into the room. This way you can use less airconditioning. Or, let the curtains do the trick in helping control the temperature inside the house. Adding extra layers of fabrics as window coverings can help hold the heat inside the house. Curtains work as insulation to trap the heat. Thus, you can lower the use of thermostat. Moreover, curtains block off outside air that might be leaking into the windows. Remember that heat loss is a big contributor to rising energy costs.

Now you know why curtains are used other than for aesthetic reason. Curtains have effected a green living solution in today’s homes.

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