Handy Dandy Usable Stuff

Feb 19

And so, after the decluttering process, I had taken some free time and enjoy looking at luxury rentals paris¬†on the Internet. Afterwards, it’s time to buy newer stuff. Discounted stuff.

It’s not that I needed newer items for the old items that I have either junked or given to others. If the items needed replacements, I’d go bargain shopping. If no replacement were needed, well and good. Money was saved.

I seldom buy home stuff. If I don’t see that an item is showing its wear-and-tear stage, then, it’s still of good use. I am too thrifty to buy even the smallest of items. And yes, more stuff means more money off the budget and eventually, more stuff means it need more spaces.

Neither do I buy stuff even if they’re carrying a too tempting price tags. I learned to practice restraint :) But when I ought to buy newer ones and surprisingly, I can find what I needed on sale, I’d be the happiest shopper.

Here’s the loot last weekend when we celebrate post Valentine’s day… Not huge. But, in their tiniest and simplest forms, they’re functional for me. Few kitchen stuff and organizers.I find them all in a thrift shop. I most particularly like the small rolling pin. It will be of great use to mixing small ¬†amount of dough.

For the others like the two separate organizers, I place on retirement my old vanity organizers which had been sitting in my vanity for like 10 years old or more. Forgive!

White and blue organizer each costs 66 pesos. I particularly like this blue one. It’s a storage for pens and other school/office stuff, but I think, my lipcolors and other vanity-me’s would be just as nice in there.

Let’s get things all organize, then. Happy thrift and bargain shopping…

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