Green, Guilt-free Construction With Swamp Mats from Quality Mat

Mar 21

So many companies today are going green. However, not many are also extremely charitable AND in the construction industry. That’s why it was so refreshing to hear about the Quality Mat Company. As a leading manufacturer of swampmats, you would think that there isn’t much to them besides wood, but there is a lot that isn’t known.

Charitable Mats

This global company does a lot for its hometown of Beaumont, TX by actively sponsoring over 30 local charities. Any cause that is introduced, they help out with. The mats that are rented out are also pink on the ends to promote breast cancer awareness around the globe and on every work site.

Green Mats

The first and original swamp mat, made for oilfields, uses a design that protects the ground and grass underneath projects – which is pretty neat! The wood mats are completely untreated, so they don’t introduce any harmful chemicals to the ground.

While their newest swamp mats, made for drilling rigs, aren’t able to be broken up by the earth because it’s reinforced metal, they still protect the ground underneath. So there continues to be a green benefit. Find out more about this green, giving company and their mats for sale and rent at

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