Empty Wine Bottles -A DIY To Reduce Waste

Jun 06

Let’s recycle

The timing came in at the right time. I sorted out unused bottles, empty canned goods and plastic materials earlier today as it will be sold for possible recycling. This is one of the many ways to help reduce our environment of wastes which often lead to pollution and other potentially damaging causes to the environment. Recycling saves new materials from being used.

Let’s reduce waste going to the landfill

However, there are waste items that are not collected or bought. These are the ones that will be collected by the local agencies and are dumped in landfills. There have been many possible environmental impact of waste materials dumped in landfills -especially the ones which are poorly maintained. Water and soil contamination, breeding ground for bacteria which are carried through rats and flies, and the production of methane which are produced through decaying waste -these are some of the damaging effects of landfills.

DIY your waste

As a citizen, we can prevent these effects by reducing our wastes. We can also recycle some of the items instead of putting them to waste. Just as I did with these empty wine bottles. I got inspired when a friend posted on her Instagram account how she came up with her empty bottles as well.

So, I took off these bottles from my trash bag and clean them off.

And, yes, put them to good use.

I put water plants on the bottles…water plants, that is. Be sure to replace the water regularly so it won’t be a breeding ground for mosquitoes that might cause Dengue fever.


Imagine disposing this elegant wine bottle. Nah!

Placing little water and a good cut of green water plant is all what it needs.

And here they are for a good show. I placed the bottles under my mantel project.

Now, our room looked more fresh and livable than ever. Indoor plants have this great effect on moods plus it’s a great natural dehumidifier.

See what you can do with supposed to be junk stuff. You can DIY your empty wine bottles, too. Let’s help reduce our planet of carbon footprint by recycling materials instead of turning them to waste.

This is another drive to living green.


  1. rany /

    Nice one,if only half of the worlds’ population have your mentality then mother nature would surely be more gentle to us.

  2. Lovely!!! I’m glad the photo inspired you. if only we are neighbours, i’ll give you more bottles to fill up and recycle hehe. I’m running out of plant cuttings!

    I am currently sold on the clear/transparent vase so i’m asking hubby to get those inexpensive sparkling rose wine. I kinda like that i can see the roots clearly. It makes it an even more appealing centerpiece

    • clarizze /

      Thanks to you. The bottles have been in the dump for ages :) Oh! Yes. That’s the idea with the clear bottle. I can’t wait for the roots to show up :)

  3. ganda pag ganyan nga naman kaganda wine bottle pedeng pede, ingat din sa dengue tagulan na….

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