Easy Floral Arrangement For The Dearly Departed

Nov 01

November first marks the day when huge number of Filipinos flock to the cemetery around the nation to pay homage to their departed loved ones. As a Christian and as is the yearly tradition, we brought fresh flowers, light candles, and offer prayers to our dearly departed to the cemetery today.

The kids had gone to the cemetery 2 days before to clean the tile-lined grave of my parents as well as my husband’s parents and eldest sister.

I had also bought candles in glass containers and these flowers… As in the past years, I only bought white and yellow mums. No other colors. No other reasons behind it. Just want to keep the blooms simple.

The yellow mums cost 150 pesos a bunch, while the white ones were at 140 pesos. The white bell-like flowers (still unopened) were at 80 pesos a bunch, and the white baby’s breath were at 50 pesos per a small bunch. I bought 2 of that. Flowers were kinda pricey at a day before the celebration of All Saint’s Day.

In Addition, I bought 4 native pots. I was to buy native baskets as in last year’s but I took fancy on those square pots which I paid 28 pesos a piece. The foam filler was a freebie :)

 I did soaked up the foam in water before arranging the blooms. It’ll keep the flowers fresh for longer hours.

Afterwards, arranging the blooms into the native pots became easier…and it’s ready…along with the candles, and foodies to bring to the cemetery and of course solemn prayers to our dearly departed.


  1. Traditions make us unique all over the world. Some people will celebrate the day solemnly while we Filipinos celebrate the day in festive atmosphere, a chance for family bonding and reunions. Is it the pace of life that shaped traditions or the other way around? For me,it is a reflection of our psyche,of our resilience as a nation;for whatever comes our way,we will always choose to celebrate life than dwell on the agony and pain of the demise of our loved ones.

  2. kulotsky /

    Nice looking bouquets, and i’m sure it cost only a fraction of what you can buy from the shops!


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