Decorating With Your Partner

Jan 28

Can’t help but feel proud and always thankful for having him. A complete package ^_^. Have saved a lot of money because of him. He’s an around man-in-the house -a loving husband, a doting dad, and a jack-of-all-trade repairman. His forte is electricity. A licensed one. But, he can do other tasks, too. A carpenter, a plumber, a gardener, even a farmer, and what else. He’s done every little problem in the house. One weekend he’s sawing some woods needed in the storage roof, the next day, he’s sealing a pipe leak in the sink.

So, a few weekends ago, told him to drill few nails so I could hang the decor in our small terrace. I send the decor to have it refurbished and when it was returned to me, it all looks new. I am thrilled. So, here’s the husband working on his little drilling machine…

After a few minutes, the fan decor and the three little butterflies are all set up in the wall…

Had to make this wooden sticks (free from the neighboring fields) looks new, as well, by applying natural varnish. The terra cotta pot is an old one. I bought it in the market some three years back for 70-80 pesos. I hardly remember. My bad.

And, so here’s our small space at the front entrance. A wooden chaise necessary for those lazy afternoon when summer’s too overbearing. Added 2 single wooden chairs, too. Trying to keep it simple and functional. No extras needed.

Weather is harsh these days, needed sturdy furniture and fixture in that place. Nothing fancy.

Thanks for the hubby for always helping me out in decorating and more importantly, for his help in saving us some dough we can add up on our grocery funds :)

Have a great week, everyone. All the best.

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