Cool to Shop using Voucher Code

Sep 09

As again, I did use up the voucher code that Lazadaph has provided for me. And, the shopping package arrives…

I was very thankful that the minimum purchase was only 1 thousand pesos (less than $25) for me to use the code. For which, I use to shop for more baking tools such as this icing decorating set. Price for this is 405 pesos on the Lazada site. I thought they were quite a steal because I paid for a single icing tip (same material made as the ones above) for 90 pesos at the city market. And, I have to buy separate piping bag. While this one, it’s a complete icing decorator with a reusable piping bag included. Imagine if I have to buy them at 90 pesos a piece.

To complete the purchase, I added another muffin tray and a Barbie doll for the daughter.

Here’s the breakdown of the product prices and the net price due me after applying the discount:

Lazada voucher code

Honestly, baking tools in the city shops were more expensive than at Lazada. If given a discount coupon next time, I’ll sure shop for more bakery tools. As for the Barbie doll, I don’t know, even the little kid here swears the price is a steal. Because, as far as I/we can remember, Barbie retailers in the city doesn’t, in any season, offer any discounts! If you happen to distribute the discount pro rata, the doll could gain a net of only 447 pesos. How’s that?

And, what’s even more convenient shopping at Lazadaph? It’s a cashless purchase. So true. I opted for their COD payment method.

Cool, isn’t it?


  1. It’s nice that there are online shops now in Pinas..

  2. wow may barbie din

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