Carpet Cleaning Day

Feb 02

At last, after a decade :) , carpets get washed. How I wished we have in town carpet cleaning services like the ones in other countries. Cleaning wouldn’t have been a burden. Each carpet is dirty. I mean really dirty. Thank goodness that the husband lends his muscles up in “washing”.

Manual cleaning of carpet takes a lot of time and patience…and, perspiration. Manual labor means we have to use our hands. We use a sturdy plastic brush in removing dirt -hairs and other small fiber which attached themselves to the fabric ┬álike leeches. Even a vacuum cleaner can’t suck them up easily. After dry-cleaning them both manually, the husband treated them with a spray bubble bath. That’s to make sure dust is washed away and that soap leaves a fresh scent when it gets dry.

Carpet cleaning is a slow process. Patience. Because, even carpet this old (from my mother’s) needs TLC. It holds a thousand memories which makes them more intrinsic just as their designs are.

Seeing them fresh and clean at the end of the day washed away my tiredness. Still, I’m wishing for a carpet cleaning service. I hope sooner…

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