Accent Paint Livens Up a Room

May 10

Saved this photo because I needed color inspiration for the family room. I know, the budget’s too far from realization. Well, we’ll never know. Luck is something we hang on to everyday. Of course, we have to work our butt off for dreams to manifest :)

With a positive attitude I started searching for color palettes that will complement the theme of the room. I thought this color combination will be just as awesome when applied in the room. The striking rustic color on the far side of the wall will make a great focal point and the neutral color of the walls (brown family) will tone down the bold hue.

image from

For once, the addition of colors will make the room more family oriented and at the same time, cozier. I am planning to make the family room livelier by adding brightly colored throw pillows, decor items and scented candles -candles are my waterloo.

The hubby even suggested, we transferred the entertainment shelving unit in the center wall to make easy viewing angle for the television and to make room for the home theater units. We really loved listening to old music when we wanted to de-stress and relax. That reminds me to check on the Acoustica Software which might help to improve the kind of music stored on our iPod.

Have a great week, guys. And, do not forget, when you are planning on redecorating a room, infusing bright colors can largely effect the overall look of any space.

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